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        日期:2023-04-07 04:37

        1200 Series Pressure Transducer

        OEM PressureTransducer Featuring Exceptional Proof Pressure and StabilitySpecifications- Vacuum to 6000 PSI (400 Bar) 

        1200 Series Pressure Transducer 


        Quick Specs... 

        • Voltage and Current Output Models 
        • Gauge, Vacuum, and Compound PressureModels 
        • General Purpose and Wash DownEnclosures  
        • High Proof Pressure Achieved by ThickerDiaphragm Construction 




         Overview  Specifications  Dimensions  RelatedInfo  

        Overview / DesignPrinciple: 

        The1200 series pressure transducer featuresstability and toughness via its CVD and ASIC design coupled with athicker diaphragm. The thicker diaphragm enables these sensors tosurvive most pressure spikes caused by pump ripple, solenoidvalves, etc. A modular design allows special ordering of fittings,electrical cables, etc. for OEM applications. The ASIC and CVDtechnology enables Gems to offer almost any output over anypressure range. 


        • Off Highway Vehicles 
        • Natural Gas Equipment 
        • Semiconductor Processing  
        • Power Plants  
        • Refrigeration 
        • Robotics 
        • HVAC 

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